The Learning Together Program Northern Adelaide works with families and their young children birth to four years, to provide support and ideas for learning through playing together and child development. The Learning Together approach to working with families is that successful engagement with families and children occurs when educators:
> Recognise and respect that families want the best for their children
> Recognise that all families are different and are respectful of the differences
> Recognise that all families have strengths
> Develop relationships with families that are characterised by building on the strengths of each other’s knowledge
> Use a strengths approach including power with rather than power over
> Engage in co-construction processes through developing partnerships with families
> Actively support families to recognise and grow aspirations for themselves and their children
> Understand that powerful learning happens in the everyday
> Actively engage in reflective practices
together and with families to support quality service provision.

The Learning Together Program Northern Adelaide offers facilitated playgroups and parent groups (such as Circle of Security and Bringing Up Great Kids), as well as providing a home visiting program where fieldworkers work one on one with families and their children. Below is a diagram of the Learning Together Program model that outlines possible pathways for families within the Learning Together Program.

Owl Learning Australia facilitated an on-site Accidental Counsellor Workshop for the Learning Together Program Northern Adelaide. Sarah Whiteside (Learning Together Program Northern Adelaide Manager) provided us with the following feedback: "Due to the nature of our workwe often build close relationships with families and, in some cases, are the only support the family have in the community. Obviously this can lead to families confiding in us and sharing their stories. As we are not therapists, it is sometimes difficult to know how to respond to people without causing angst or giving the wrong advice. The Accidental Counsellor Workshop gave us some simple tips and ideas to use when working with families. The presenter, Linsey, tailored the day, so that there was opportunities to talk about actual scenarios and therefore keep the session relevant. The handouts given were useful to our work and provided strategies and ideas for ways to take conversations forward in a strengths based way. We will use the handouts to keep the discussions going in the workplace nad continue to build our confidence in dealing with tricky conversations as they arise. We highly recommend this training for people working with others in the community."

Some of the Learning Together Program Northern Adelaide Team feedback received includes:
"I really enjoyed the easily relatable content and the facilitator's relaxed way of delivering the content - it was very comfortable."
"The presenter was very engaging - I loved the conversational style."
"Linsey was friendly and presented useful information which focused on the needs of our jobs."
"The examples were relevant to our work."
"It was great information that was well presented in a practical and conversational manner."
"It was really good how we related the tools to real situations during our discussions and great to have handouts to refer back to."
"The workshop provided me with new strategies to support families."
"I enjoyed talking through possible approaches to real life scenarios."
"The content was practical and easy to understand."
"The workshop allowed lots of scenarios to be talked about which was very, very beneficial."

The Learning Together Program Northern Adelaide can be contacted on:
Telephone: (08) 7285 1600
Fax: (08) 7285 1622
Address: Northern Adelaide Senior College, 2 Woodford Road, Elizabeth S.A. 5112
Postal Address: P.O. Box 6, Edinburgh North D.C. 5113