The Host Responsibility Team is dedicated to ensuring that the Adelaide Casino is a safe and enjoyable entertainment destination for customers. For those customers who may be experiencing some difficulties, there are many responsible gambling initiatives available that the Host Responsibility Team is available to assist with.

The Adelaide Casino has a pre-commitment program that allows customers to set individual limits to help them control their gaming on both Gaming Machines and automated Table Games. Customers may limit the amount of money that they wish to spend, the amount of time that they wish to spend at the venue or the amount of visits they wish to make per week.

Customers have the option of being individually case managed by the Host Responsibility Team. This is a supporting role, with a view to ensuring customers play within their means and maintain safe gaming habits. 

As an industry leader, the Host Responsibility Team has a close working relationship with Gambling Help Services throughout South Australia. The Host Responsibility Team is available to support any customer who decides to seek help through these free and confidential services.

Exclusion options are available to allow a person to take a break whilst they review circumstances and options can be discussed with the Host Responsibility Team at any time. Please note that all official barrings are managed by the Independent Gambling Authority (the senior South Australian regulator for commercial forms of gambling).

Owl Learning Australia facilitated an on-site Accidental Counsellor Workshop for the Host Responsibility Team. Tony Morgan (Host Responsibility Manager) provided us with the following feedback "When Rebecca first engaged with us – she showed an immediate understanding of the role and of the Adelaide Casino, which in turn played an important part in delivering exactly what we were looking for. I’ve been in this role since 2004 and again – Rebecca somehow seemed to have taken / recognised everything I’ve learned on the way to not just deliver an excellent session, but from general conversations, showed she really understood who we are and what we do including the difficulties we face daily identifying and supporting customers. Thank you and I look forward to working with Owl Learning Australia in the future."

Some of the Host Responsibility Team feedback received includes:
"I liked the examples of real life situations."
"I enjoyed the informal approach – we didn’t feel like we were in a classroom and didn’t get bored."
"The roleplays were relevant and kept us moving around."
"The workshop focused on what our job requires."
"I learnt about viewing things from another point of view."
"The content was relevant – I enjoyed it."
"The facilitator was great and kept everyone engaged."
"I enjoyed the relaxed style of presentation and the interaction."
"There was a good mix of topics for discussion."
"I liked the informative material presented and to take away."

The Host Responsibility Team can be contacted on:
Telephone: (08) 8218 4141
Fax: (08) 8218 4150
Address: Adelaide Casino, North Terrace, Adelaide S.A. 5000
Postal Address: G.P.O. Box 1918, Adelaide, S.A. 5001